28 July 2017 @ 12:00 pm
Rei's Friend Report 201  

Last week, Rei befriended various players!
Congrats to Lahariel for winning the Bonus Crayon Lottery!

Hello and welcome to Rei's Friend Report!
You probably know Rei. She's... not a very sociable person. But if we try to find her some new friends, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. So, let's get to it! I'm sure we'll find tons of friendly people here on Colors.

In each round, I will post several clues about one of the active players at our TCG, and you will have to guess their name!

Friend Report 201:
This person
- has more than 15 000 cards.
- participates in the Colors School Festival.
- has a Final Fantasy mass collection.
- has their birthday in September.

If you submit the name of this player, you will be awarded six random cards!
There is also a bonus prize of 2 crayons for one randomly selected player who submits a correct answer.

This round closes on August 4th, Central European time!
28 July 2017 @ 09:26 am
★ Beauty Pageant 116  

Welcome to the Colors Beauty Pageant! Please join Mizuki, Mikuru, and me as we set out to find things that are fresh, new, and lovely~★
Next up, introducing...! )
28 July 2017 @ 09:19 am
Oikawa's Fan Mail 128  

Last week's fan mail was a pet ring from Ai No Kusabi!

Oikawa Tooru is a very busy guy. When he's not training hard for his volleyball matches or teasing his adorable kouhai, he is dealing with all of the gifts from his fans! Always looking to please them, he writes a thank you note to the sender of every single gift he has received. However, sometimes the gifts come unsigned, including the one he has just received! Can you help him figure out where he needs to send the thank you letter?
Where does today's fan mail come from? )
27 July 2017 @ 03:07 pm
Class 3-A Hangout!  

Welcome to Class 3-A! I'm your class president, Olivia, and this is not only my first time captaining but also my first ever Colors League as a player!! I looked at previous rounds though so hopefully we'll have a smooth and fun experience together! ♥

Read more... )
27 July 2017 @ 02:58 pm
Salutations fellow players! I am not collecting anything this month, so all of my slots are available for trade!

1. nosy12
2. radiance10
3. calories01
4. backfire03
5. ser-veresta01

I am happy to trade for anything I am collecting or any future decks or for pink cards as always!

Regular trades are also welcome!
27 July 2017 @ 08:58 pm
Class 3-G - classroom post  

Hello, classmates! I know we'll be mostly talking through discord, but still it's good to have our other base of operations here.

Begin class! )
27 July 2017 @ 08:37 pm
Colors School Festival - official lineups  

Hello! It's time to finally learn which of our players will play in which team!
I tried to sort you in a way that will satisfy as many players as possible. The sorting is based mostly on your preferences, also taking your tiers and the (almost) equal sizes of the teams into consideration.
The teams are a bit... small this year, but you know what they say, the smaller the cuter.

Lineups inside )
27 July 2017 @ 07:22 pm
Natsume's Book of Cards 20  

Natsume's no ordinary boy. Like his grandmother Reiko he has the ability to see youkai... who flock to him and demand to have their names that Reiko stored in the Book of Friends returned. At Colors, Natsume is visited by some of our past deck releases who would like to have their cards returned!

Every week, one of the releases is picked at random. You can exchange up to five cards from that release for choice cards from that release. You will lose the cards you turn in.

For example, if the chosen release is Release 001, you can turn in an Asobot card and get a choice Logic, Dragon or Optimist card in exchange. Specials can only be gained by turning in other specials!

To get multiple cards from one deck, you need to turn in multiples from another deck as well. You can't get two Logic cards but turning in an Asobot card and a Smile card, but two Asobot cards would work.

Since there was no round last week, there will be two releases you can take cards from this week. The total number of cards you can exchange is 10 which means that you can take five cards from each but you also can take for example 10 from one and not touch the other release at all

This week's release is Release 070! and Release 34! Here's a version with working images.

Please use this form.

Since the prizes for this game are all choice cards and there's no need to pass them out, you can just log them after posting your comment!

This round closes on Thursday, August 3rd!
27 July 2017 @ 01:27 pm
Scrapbook 197 - first part  

click to see what the theme is! )

8/10 slots taken!

Second half will come up tomorrow or whenever all spots are filled, whichever happens faster!
26 July 2017 @ 09:26 pm
Link Cable 75  

Link standby... Please wait. )
Welcome to the Cable Club! Here, Pokemon trainers around the world can trade Pokemon with one another. Our trading machine can be used to trade multiple Pokemon simultaneously: all you have to do is connect the link cables!

Wait.. these are strange looking Pokeballs. And is that... P-panties?! Whats going on here!?

Each pair to be traded is represented by their corresponding color in this grid. In order for the trading machine to work, the link cables must connect using following rules:

1) Connect blocks of the same color to ensure each trainer gets the correct Pokemon.
2) Paths may not cross each other, or it will interfere with the transfer!
3) The entire grid must be filled, leaving no empty spaces.

Here is an example of a simpler puzzle and solution for your reference
(Whoops I did a DB themed one, Similar to the time I did Digimon.)

For completing this puzzle, you'll receive 8 Cards!

This round closes Wednesday, August 2nd.
26 July 2017 @ 06:31 pm
July Release Slots~  
So I'm slightly interested in tottori cards if you need to unload a slot yourself, but as always, I'm primarily focused on getting cards from my collecting or high priority pages o/

JULY - 03/10 regular slots + 00/01 special slot filled )

And of course regular trades are welcome!
26 July 2017 @ 11:10 pm
Scrapbooks 195 & 196  

click to see what the themes are! )

Round 197 of Scrapbook will be done in the first come, first serve system. Its theme will be Seiyuu: Kugimiya Rie.

This round will go up on Thursday, July 27.
25 July 2017 @ 09:09 pm
Switch It Up 145  
We have July release cards this round~

Banners done by Ember, thank you!
Let's switch things up! )

New Week: Tuesday, August 1st
Round Closes: Tuesday, August 8th

25 July 2017 @ 08:01 pm
Puzzle Chains 59  

Professor Layton said that a gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved. As he's a connoisseur of puzzles, he always appreciates a challenge when it comes to solving them! Now, he and his apprentice, Luke, need your help in solving these series of puzzles in order to close the case that he's on!

Details )

This round closes on Tuesday, August 1st!
25 July 2017 @ 07:40 pm
an idol's acrostic trading post • 146  
Last week for the monthly challenge~

This banner was done by Moe ♥ Thank you~

an idol's acrostic trading post

A troubled idol needs to buy words from you so that he can finish his lyrics! He'll give you a card for every letter you sell to him and a bonus 3 cards for every whole word you can provide.

Basically, you need to trade to spell your words! The first letter of either the CARD or the PLAYER you trade with are the letters you use to spell your words. You will have a week to do so.

Once a month there will be a longer phrase that you can work towards to submit for a special prize at the end of the month! The monthly phrase will also include some kind of extra parameter (player trades can only be with red/yellow level players, only even numbered cards, etc)

For example if the word of the week is DESK. To get a 'D' I can trade with Delitan or I can trade the card defeated07. For trading cards you can either be the person trading the card AWAY or the person RECEIVING the card.

For player trades though you MUST trade with someone else. So I can't use 'Sammich' for the letter 'S'.

You cannot reuse the same player/card in one week. If the word is "EYE" you need TWO different players or cards that start with 'E'.

Trades from previous weekly challenges may be used for the monthly task, as long as the dates fit the criteria! However, if you submit both the weekly and monthly challenge in one week, you may not reuse a card/player name from the weekly challenge for the monthly challenge.


The reward for successfully completing this month's challenge is 70 cards, 3 July release cards and 3 crayons! To get the apostrophe, you must trade signatures.


Please provide links of your trade. If you use a website logging system please link your log. However it is preferred that you have a link somewhere as opposed to email/website logs just because it makes it easier to check. Thank you!
only trades dated between 7/24-7/31 will count*
the exception is for the monthly task, where only trades dated between 6/26-7/31 will count
* the date completed. So if you start a trade on the 23rd and it ends on the 24th it's fine to use. However if you start a trade on the 31st and it ends on the 1st it would not count. This is mostly to prevent trades from hanging over too far into the next week, I know it might be a little rushed that way but remember even if you can't get the whole word you can still get partial credit for most of the word!
25 July 2017 @ 11:15 pm
Scramble! 93  

The Hall Monitor is going to be here soon and the letters are in disarray! Let's quickly clean these up since he'd explode if he saw this mess.

This round's theme... )

For each name that you unscramble, you'll two random cards. If you get all of them right, you'll get an additional crayon!

This round ends on Tuesday, August 1st