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2015-03-10 10:18 pm
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Follow the lovely, helpful Flare grunts to my TCG site.
Art by the fantabulous Ky-nim.

* note: october prize can be used through December 14.

(crayons go here because i have completely lost track of them)

Please leave all trade requests here! Thanks!
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2015-02-28 05:32 pm

Kingdom Hurts: The Hunger Games Edition

Thanks to this website, we can now simulate our favourite characters dying in awful ways, without going through the effort of actually playing a KH game!

Kingdom Hurts will be right back after a word from our sponsors.

...This has been a word from our sponsors.

And now back to the show! )
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2015-02-27 03:33 pm


“Hey, Sora.”


“Why did we… start calling you Sora?”

The silver-haired boy wasn’t looking at his brunet companion. They were side by side, one sitting on a tree branch and the other standings with arms folded. Ahead, beautifully blue waves lapped against the sand. It was beautiful, both of them knew that — but, to be honest, the silver-haired boy didn’t know if it was beautiful because he liked it, or because a certain other person liked it…

“Be… cause it’s my name?” Data-Sora grinned like he was waiting for a punchline.

Despite himself, Data-Riku chuckled a little at that. It was such a Sora thing to say. …Well, his Sora. “It’s not your name.”

Sora (?) groaned and leaned back on the tree trunk, nearly tipping over backwards. “Oh, no, not this again.”

“I’m serious! Doesn’t it… bother you?” Normally, Data-Riku didn’t find himself at a loss for words. Actually, words were kind of all he was made of. So, then, why was he having trouble finding the right words now? “We met them once before — Sora and Riku. They both acted differently than you and I did, without question.”

Before that happened, neither of them had any real concept of Sora or Riku as entities, only a name with a list of traits. Sora (his Sora) took the role of the original, and he took on… well, maybe not the role of the original Riku, except for the one part at the end which he was choosing not to think about. (Ever.) But, regardless, he had to have seen some sort of connection at the time. For example, there was— eh— the castle? The castle with bright white everything and illusions abound. In there, he and Data-Sora had shared a newly-discovered memory, he was pretty sure. They had shared a memory that wasn’t in Jiminy’s journal, but it still happened to the real Sora, Riku, and Kairi. The two of them talked about it. But they kept saying ‘you’ and ‘I’, like Data-Sora was the boy who traveled with Donald and Goofy and Data-Riku was the one lost to darkness.

Did it bother him at the time? He wasn’t completely sure, but it certainly bothered him now. The suddenly spotty recollection didn’t do anything to soothe his concerns, either.

“Well, that’s because…” At this, the brunet faltered. Neither of them were completely sure why Sora and Riku had changed from their recollections. Even if they were a few years older, it didn’t matter; people didn’t just… up and change like that, did they?

…“You know what? You’re the journal here. There’s gotta be a reason why, hidden in the pages.”

The pages. Well, they were the culprits here, obviously. Every single fiber of their synthetic being came from the pages of Jiminy’s journal. Data-Riku remembered all of them perfectly (whether he wanted to or not), and Data-Sora had a pretty good memory, too. Surely, the answers had to be in there somewhere.

“You’re right,” he said, already thinking a hundred miles ahead of the conversation. “Hidden in the pages. It’s got to be hidden in the pages.” At that, Data-Riku pushed himself into a standing position, intending to open a data corridor back to the peculiar starry world he called himself — but he felt a tug on his arm, and stopped.

“Where ya goin’?” Data-Sora smiled then, and even if the smile wasn’t real, it sure was strong. “Wanna bring me?”

“…Oh, that’s right,” Data-Riku mumbled, more to himself than anyone else. Sora had said something about how he needed to stop trying to do everything on his own. “Alright, then,” he said, louder. “Let’s figure this out together.”

The brunet’s expression somehow became even more joyous. “Yeah! Together!”

Shortly thereafter, the two AIs did something unprecedented. No one had booted them up for months, yet they were able to modify themselves: instead of lying in binary sleep, they suddenly began to dream.
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2015-02-01 07:50 pm

about archer ✩ welcome to my plurk/journal!

 Hi friend! I'm Archer. If you're reading this, then I've probably linked you here in lieu of an intro plurk. It's easier this way, fight me.

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2015-01-10 05:33 pm

state of the rp - jan 2015

 This is going to be one weird State of the RP, considering... I'm on hiatus everywhere except We the Lost. So let's start there.

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2014-11-24 01:55 pm
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SO ZETTA CHRISTMAS: Holiday Card Post 2014!!!

pixiv id: 5024387

It's happening, guys, it's happening!! CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM ARCHER. This is my first year doing them, and I am so hype you don't even know. But I'm making a Dreamwidth entry, because that's what all the cool kids do.

So just tell me your name (the one you want on the letter), your address (including legal name so the post office doesn't just throw it out), and any special requests! I'll totally draw you shit or write you shit or whatever. Also, comments are screened for privacy reasons, but if you wanna PP me at that's cool too.

Also, please mention if you want my address as well, so we can send mail to each other!

Is that all? I think that's all. 

get hype.
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2014-10-31 08:02 pm
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STATE OF THE ARPEE: October 2014

State of the Arpee: October 2014
In this episode: Henry and Komaeda run around Johto and destroy literally everything.

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2014-10-27 06:10 pm
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BBC's Top 100

Because why not.

Total: 20/100
Unfinished total: 6/20

This means I'm reading it right now.

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2014-10-18 10:21 pm
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art by pixiv user #7455


...which is why N, White, and Black are doing the trick-or-treats for them. If you want, you can show them your favourite Pokémon, animal, or fantasy creature! (N will be happy, at least.)

Candy for You:

x 999

Candy for Us:

x2 x2 x3 x3 x1 x1 x0 x1

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2014-09-27 12:05 pm
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Archer's Sacred Gold N-locke!

Several people around the web have tried to put together rules for an N-locke. Here's mine.

1. STANDARD LOCKE RULES. If a Pokémon faints, it is boxed, no exceptions. All Pokémon must be nicknamed. Only catch the first Pokémon you see on a given route.
2. After the first Gym battle, select one of the Pokémon on your team and make it your "partner". This Pokémon is now your buddy for life.
3. Box all Pokémon on your team aside from your partner. Not release -- box.
3a. This is treated as returning the Pokémon to their natural home.
4. Continue catching one Pokémon per route until you defeat the second Gym, at which point you release all Pokémon except for your partner again.
5. If your partner dies, tough luck. You're not just going to replace them, are you?
6. For the Elite Four and Red battles, you may call back your friends from their homes (that is to say, take them out of the box) and make a team out of them.
7. The game is over when Red is defeated.
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2014-09-16 10:23 pm

state of the arpee: mid-september 2014

state of the rp: general

I don't exactly have much history to reflect on in my state of the RP -- well, post-hiatus history, at least. I feel like all the old stuff ("old stuff" in this case meaning pre-hiatus, when I still went by Gira) is a part of my RP history and it shouldn't be dismissed, but I prefer to treat it as a separate beast than my post-hiatus RP. This can be hard, because I still feel like a wee baby! I haven't even been in my current game for a month.

And now for a history lesson.

I apped Cyrus to FoCo on pretty much a whim, because it seemed like a cool atmospheric game and I was... really thinking about Cyrus that day, I guess? I really liked him when I was younger. And I still do. But I also think that he needs a very specific kind of setting to RP in effectively. If he's outside that setting, it becomes extremely hard to keep him involved and active, because he's so detached from people both emotionally and physically (look, the dude's 27 in a realm of teenagers). I'm still happy I played him there, though, because it got me back into RP and sent me into other places.

We the Lost was a nice home for Yelloweq for a while. It was good to be able to play a familiar character again, but I think that somewhere along the hiatus line I really... lost my incentive to play him. After all, he spent a long time in Animus, and he had a full character arc. Though I didn't realize it at the time, all I needed was a bit of closure before I could send him off into the sunset. WTL gave me that closure. OOCly, it also gave me a circle of great new friends, which was exactly what I needed!

state of the game

Haha, oh man. This is my only active game right now. (Though soon I might be in Route too, fingers crossed.) Anyway, it's been really crazy being in Institute so far! Elsa is my first... well, popular muse, so I never expected to get the amount of tags I do now. Still, I'm happy to see this game grow, and let Elsa be a part of it.
character: Queen Elsa [[personal profile] frigokinetic]
age: 18...? I think I brought her down to 18.
series: Frozen
time played: not even a month

muse strength: ■ ■ ■ ■ □

For a new muse, I think her voice is pretty strong. A part of me is worried that I might be doing something wrong with her, especially since so many people have conflicting opinions on what Elsa should be. I don't really like saying with confidence that I'm doing super well with her, because there's really no way to tell without outside opinions -- but personally, I feel I'm doing alright.

My only real problem with her right now is that she's so... serious? My main problem before was that I played pretty much nothing but serious characters, and after a while that started to bring me down. And while Elsa may not quite be on the level of Cyrus or Ienzo or (Shirou) Iori, it's hard not to look with envy at the times when I played people like John Egbert or even Mao -- at least they were lively.

cast strength: □ □ □ □ □

cast what cast

plotting capabilities: ■ ■ ■ □ □

This one's hard. On one hand, Elsa is a leader of the Foreign Students' Union, so there's a lot of opportunity for plotting right there. On the other hand, she... can't really do too much social interaction at once. (After the club faire ended, she ran back to her room and stared at the wall for pretty much the rest of that day, and well into the next.) I'm worried that if I get her too involved, she will read as OOC.

shipping potential: ■ □ □ □ □

It could happen? Usually I don't go into games looking for ships, and I'm perfectly happy without them, but if a relationship develops naturally then I am all for it.

likelihood of drop: ■ □ □ □ □

Elsa won't be going anywhere for a while. I have some doubts, but overall I'm having fun with her character and I want to keep her around to see what happens.

development/final thoughts:

She hasn't had much time for development, but it's still early in the game. I'm really eager to have a character 'established' in a game again, and Elsa seems like she's found a pretty comfortable place for herself here.
character: Henry [[personal profile] anoblecaws  -- unless I change it, which I may well do]
age: 15-17? Honestly he doesn't read like an eighteen-year-old or higher to me, and even seventeen is a bit of a stretch.
series: Fire Emblem: Awakening
time played: ...not even a month

muse strength: ■ ■ ■ □ □

OKAY FIRST OF ALL I don't actually play him at Institute (or anywhere really), this coding is just set up that way and I don't feel like diving into it to fix the problem.

Henry's an even newer muse than Elsa, but he's also the lively character I've been looking for. It's honestly a lot of fun to play him! It's hard to compare him and Elsa on a scale of "which do I like playing more," because they're two completely opposite characters and I like playing them for completely opposite reasons. It's been a long time since I've been able to make goofy tags and intros, because all of my characters were always too straight-laced to make those jokes. Now that I'm able to again, I pretty much want to play him all the time.

It feels to me like there's a downside to this, as well, though. Sometimes when I'm playing Henry, I go a little too fast and loose with what I'm writing, and it feels very easy to steer into OOC territory. I don't have experience playing his "character type" like I do Elsa, so while it felt very natural to step into her shoes, Henry is a completely different beast. I'm glad I had the opportunity to run him at Principals, even if I don't feel I did the best job of portraying his character -- but hopefully I can learn from my mistakes and totally rock Route 29.

cast strength: □ □ □ □ □

No game, no cast.

plotting capabilities: ■ ■ ■ □ □

Henry's the type of character who likes to stick his nose into everything ever, so I'd imagine it would be easy to get him into light-hearted plots. Serious ones... um, not so much.

shipping potential: ■ ■ □ □ □

Again, I usually like to let relationships develop naturally, but I do have some more stuff specifically about Henry. I really, really don't feel that he is mature enough to last in a relationship, even if he does run into someone he's romantically interested in. He would probably ditch his partner at the drop of a hat, let's be real. Though this could be fun for plot and character development purposes, I wouldn't actively find someone to ship him with just for this to happen.

likelihood of drop: ■ ■ □ □ □

Unless something terrible happens and I lose any and all confidence in playing him, I don't think I'll drop him? Like I said, he doesn't come as easily to me as Elsa, but I like to think I'm learning.

development/final thoughts:

Mm... yeah! Henry is a thing. Though because I do feel less confident with him than I do Elsa, I tend to ask for crit on him a lot, which I should probably stop doing.

Oh, also, about usernames. I feel like 'anoblecaws' is a really punny name and it matches with his potential castmate's (hi Cynthia!), but it doesn't really... fit him. It should be easy to come up with more punny names, though...

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2014-09-04 04:50 pm

tarot testimonials

"The reading that I was given was a blind one, where I was not physically in the same room with the reader. I was given a question to think about, or ask myself, which I did, and when I was given the cards that were pulled, I was rather surprised in how accurate they actually applied to me, considering it was a blind reading. There was no personal opinion from the reader, it was a straight reading that actually gave me a bit of insight from the cards that were pulled. I greatly enjoyed the way that the eading was given to me, and I would recommend this reader to others!"
- Anonymous
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2014-09-04 04:09 pm

Sample Tarot Reading

Note: this is a five-card reading conducted on Flight Rising for the Thundercrack Carnivale event, and as such, the names of the cards are unusual. For this reading, I used a standard issue Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The client chose to remain anonymous.

If you would like a five-card reading instead of a ten-card one, contact me. 

1. The Hermit
2. The Moon (Reversed)
3. The Devil (Reversed)
4. The Emperor (Reversed)
5. The Magician

The first card here is the intriguingly-titled Tunic of Shame, more commonly called the Hermit, and it represents your current situation. This card does not promote socialization so much as introspection; the Hermit has lived a long life so far, and he retreats to the mountains to consider what he has done and what has happened to him. Perhaps you are in a state of mind where you want to seriously consider your life and your choices, or perhaps you are in a situation where you need to, but for some reason are not. Forcing yourself to step back may sting quite a bit, but in the end, only fools rush blindly in. Consideration and stock-taking now will lead to understandings and advantages later.

The second card is the cause of the present situation. In the Lightning Flight deck it is called the Limit, and in the standard-issue Rider Waite Smith deck it is called the Moon. Now, the Moon is reversed; reversed cards add a degree of unpredictability to any reading, because they can have any of several meanings, or multiple meanings at once – and there is no way for me to tell you which meaning it is. It is something you must experience or consider yourself. Now, upright, the Moon is all about dreams and fantasy, creativity and romance… but above all, it is about chaos. The Moon releases chaos into the world, and chaos gives birth to all of the things I just mentioned. But Reversed, the chaos of the Moon turns into much more malevolent things. Either A. the promised benefits of the Moon have become horrible (sick fantasies, unhealthy relationships, bad mental state); B. the chaotic energy of the Moon, both positive and negative, is somehow being rejected or locked outside while you yourself are inside, trying to be happy with your artificial calm; or C. the chaotic nature of things has completely overtaken your life, and you are powerless to stop it. Certainly, this kind of negative chaos would drive you to step back and try to get a grip on yourself and what everything means.

The third card is the outside influences affecting you and the situation, and it is represented by the Devil… Reversed. (You dodged a bullet there.) Upright, the Devil is all about terrible addictions that you could get out of, if you wanted to. You simply don’t want to. On the other hand, it can also have a more positive context of letting go of your restrictions and having a wild, awesome time at a party. Reversed, it can mean either A. you have chosen not to give in to your temptations, even if it seems like “no fun”, and stick to the straight and narrow to avoid the Devil; B. you are so fixated with avoiding the Devil that you will take no chances whatsoever, for fear of what happens if it goes wrong; or C. you have already been in the servitude of the Devil, but you will escape soon, if you haven’t already. I cannot offer much more than this interpretation-wise.

The fourth card is your own thoughts about the current situation, represented by our good Boss, the Stormcatcher – except he, too, is Reversed. Upright, and going by his more common name the Emperor, he promises order, prosperity, and solid foundations of a mighty empire… so long as everyone listens to him without question. Your feelings about the situation could manifest as any of the following: A. inconsistency and spur-of-the-moment decisions, based mainly off of emotion and irresponsible ruling, that tend to backfire in the long run; B. feeling as though you have no control over your situation, like an Emperor who no one pays attention to; or C. not only do you have no control over your situation, but no one else does either, because the Emperor is dead and no one is able to take his place. One way or another, you probably don’t feel like you are in control of your life right now.

And finally, the conclusion. Your outcome or future is represented by the Inventor, also known as the Magician – and thank the gods, he’s upright. The Magician is a character of great power, and he knows it; he can dazzle people with his great finesse, while also carrying through on all of his promises. He takes the power of the heavens (miracles and magic) and brings them down to Earth. In your future, you will probably become this Magician, who is seen by others to be great at everything; even if they are exaggerating that somewhat, you are still successful. Overall, it looks like your relationships should be fine; people will continue to like you, or perhaps come to like you if they don’t already.
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2014-09-04 10:42 am
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RP musings (wip)

I'm going to ramble here about my characters, and in particular, which of the major arcana represents them the best. In case it wasn't obvious, I am endlessly fascinated with tarot: the history, the culture, the meanings and mythologies. And, of course, I love slapping Persona-shaped labels on things, so here we are.

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2014-07-30 08:44 pm
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(no subject)

Hey journal, it's been a while. For some reason, when I woke up this morning I felt alright, and as the day continued I just got more and more happy for some reason! I was able to talk to both of my parents about the car test situation while remaining relatively okay emotionally (plus I now have a study buddy for the test omg), I got really positive input about my tarot reading from Flight Rising folks, I got most of my college-y things out of the way so I don't need to worry about them, I made some cool-looking icons here (and might be doing more), I randomly found some stuff I've been looking for since I moved rooms and boxed everything up... overall it's been a really good, happy day! Read more... )
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2014-07-22 04:06 pm


Hi everyone, I'm here to vent, because that's what journals are good for. shaking and crying below the cut )
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2014-07-15 04:22 pm
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Archer's Fic Rec Masterpost

Since I like to have a nice, comprehensive list of things I like. Organized by fandom.

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2014-07-08 08:45 pm

(no subject)

According to a few parts of the Internet, today is Video Games Day -- not National Video Games Day, mind, which is September 12. But in honor of that, I decided to hunker down and play some vidya... after spending time writing some bios about my pixel dragons, of course.

Today I was tripping like mad in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which meant I had bad luck ('luck' is a factor in this game)... and yet I caught a scorpion, one of the rarest insects in the game. LOLwut?

I've also been tossing around the idea of making a video game using RPG Maker for a while. It's probably a little more ambitious than I can hope to achieve as an amateur, but it's hardly a world-sprawling epic -- it takes place in the same city the whole way through, because the main character (a cute fox girl named Lilia) is trapped in a time loop and is trying to get out. Usually when I write things down for other people to see, I come up with my best ideas on the spur of the moment, so I might make a little write-up of this game soon.

(OTHER NEWS: I actually went and made a list of all the games I have to finish; they're in my Backloggery. I never realized how many Final Fantasy titles I own and haven't played to completion...)

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2014-07-05 09:06 pm
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Hi, you've reached Archer's trading hub! To trade for the following games, please follow the links below. Thank you!