01 February 2015 @ 07:50 pm
about archer ✩ welcome to my plurk/journal!  
 Hi friend! I'm Archer. If you're reading this, then I've probably linked you here in lieu of an intro plurk. It's easier this way, fight me.

Anyway as I said before, my name's Archer. I'm eighteen years old and trying/failing to navigate the hell that is college applications. (If you ever hear me talking about CollegeQuest/ScholarshipQuest 2015, which you will, that's what that is.) I live in the northeast US (New Jersey). I play Henry ([personal profile] cawsforalarm) at Ryslig and Data Riku/Journal ([personal profile] collectivedata) at We the Lost. I used to play Nagito Komaeda ([personal profile] hopeslastreward) at Route 29, but unfortunately I had to drop him due to time limitations. I also play Ienzo at a place that isn't Dreamwidth-based, so I consider him one of my muses too.

I really love a lot of things and plurk enthusiastically about them!!! Especially Kingdom Hearts and Persona lately. I have been on a kick, what can I say. I have lots of other interests, though, including: animu/mango, vidya gaems, books, tarot reading (if you mention tarot anywhere I will literally slam in with the force of a freight train), and drawing. Actually I'm hoping to become an illustrator, so drawing is pretty important, I would say.

I have two precious widdle kitty-witties, and I love them more than everything ever.

...and now I have nothing more to say except please RP with me. So I guess that's all. Byeee!