10 January 2015 @ 05:33 pm
state of the rp - jan 2015  
 This is going to be one weird State of the RP, considering... I'm on hiatus everywhere except We the Lost. So let's start there.

We the Lost (Journal): I pretty much had to focus on this game as my only one because of missing AC last month, but I'm glad I did. WTL is just such a wonderful little game. I left Equius last time because of muse burnout, not because I didn't like the game -- and with Journal, I'm very happy to be back. Even though I sometimes wonder how well I can portray him, considering Witches' Reign was kind of a disaster characterization-wise, I appreciate this game and everyone in it. <3

Ryslig (Henry): Ryslig! Riggy-lizzy Ryslig. I'm so glad I apped Henry here, honestly -- he's doing so well, my little monster boy. This is the biggest game I've been in for quite a while (is it bigger than Animoo? I'm not sure) and even though I can't really dedicate myself much to it right now, I like the energy.

Route (Henry, Komaeda): Ah, Route 29. I don't know if it's just residual bad feelings from the situation with CollegeQuest, but I haven't been feeling this game as much as the others. Maybe I'm just spreading myself too thin, I don't know. I do want to bring Komaeda back upon my return (whenever that will be), but Henry's Route inbox has been staggeringly small compared to Ryslig since... I apped him to Ryslig, so it might just be for the better if he stays in monstertown. His CR is great, but... bah.

Bah pretty much sums up my feelings on the RP situation right now, actually.