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STATE OF THE ARPEE: October 2014
State of the Arpee: October 2014
In this episode: Henry and Komaeda run around Johto and destroy literally everything.

game: Route 29
Henry ([personal profile] cawsforalarm )
series: Fire Emblem: Awakening
muse strength: ■■■■□
cast strength: ■■■■□
plotting capabilities: ■■■■■
general fun level: ■■■■■ .
likelihood of drop: □□□□□

Henry! Oh, this little shit. I've got him settled in pretty nicely at Route and he's not going anywhere. My motivation to play him hasn't lowered at all, which is great, but I also feel like I've messed up a little with his characterization. A lot of times it seems like Henry runs his mouth about all the wrong topics -- that is to say, personal topics -- and he often acts a little bit too grown-up. He doesn't threaten people enough, and definitely doesn't enthuse about gruesome topics enough. Basically, he acts too thoughtful and too normal. With any Awakening character, that's kind of a problem; with Henry, that's a major problem. It's mostly my fault; I'm a cerebral, sane person, and I have mostly played other cerebral, sane characters up to this point. Henry's definitely a good change for me, but I feel I've walked him into one too many serious conversations that normally he would be NOPEing away from at the speed of light. Fortunately, however, Hoennween has reminded me about all the parts of this little asshole that I seem to have forgotten, and I now have another character to tackle all the threads that I want a part of intellectually (but that Henry wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole).

character: Nagito Komaeda ([personal profile] hopeslastreward )
series: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
muse strength: ■■■■□
cast strength: ■■■■■
plotting capabilities: ■■■□□
general fun level: ■■■■□
likelihood of drop: ■□□□□

And then there's this guy. Komaeda's only been around for a little while, but he's already messed up literally everything within the Dangan Ronpa cast, which I am choosing to interpret as a good sign. It was hard to get into his tags at first, but after a while I got the hang of it, and the batshit just came flowing out. With all the focus on Hoennween (and Henry) lately, Komaeda's kind of faded into the background, but I'm definitely excited to get him back up to speed. He's decided to take a journey across Johto alone, mostly because he doesn't want to be dead weight for everyone else -- and while this isn't exactly working out super well for him, due to his bad health and general inability to take care of himself in the wilderness, somehow he has managed to make it to Violet City in one piece. Now all I have to do is figure out what he's been doing with his team lately, since Falkner isn't going to defeat himself.

Yep! October's come and went. I've got two little shits in Route now, and despite being Papenbuddies (much as I wish Komaeda was voiced by someone else -- anyone else), they're actually quite different. The idea of tossing Henry into Ryslig come December has been floating around, and the more I think about it the more I realize it's actually brilliant. Henry's savagery is limited in Route, and while that's not a problem per se, I'd like to have him somewhere else where he can just generally be a monster. And where better to do that than the monster game?
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