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Sample Tarot Reading
Note: this is a five-card reading conducted on Flight Rising for the Thundercrack Carnivale event, and as such, the names of the cards are unusual. For this reading, I used a standard issue Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The client chose to remain anonymous.

If you would like a five-card reading instead of a ten-card one, contact me. 

1. The Hermit
2. The Moon (Reversed)
3. The Devil (Reversed)
4. The Emperor (Reversed)
5. The Magician

The first card here is the intriguingly-titled Tunic of Shame, more commonly called the Hermit, and it represents your current situation. This card does not promote socialization so much as introspection; the Hermit has lived a long life so far, and he retreats to the mountains to consider what he has done and what has happened to him. Perhaps you are in a state of mind where you want to seriously consider your life and your choices, or perhaps you are in a situation where you need to, but for some reason are not. Forcing yourself to step back may sting quite a bit, but in the end, only fools rush blindly in. Consideration and stock-taking now will lead to understandings and advantages later.

The second card is the cause of the present situation. In the Lightning Flight deck it is called the Limit, and in the standard-issue Rider Waite Smith deck it is called the Moon. Now, the Moon is reversed; reversed cards add a degree of unpredictability to any reading, because they can have any of several meanings, or multiple meanings at once – and there is no way for me to tell you which meaning it is. It is something you must experience or consider yourself. Now, upright, the Moon is all about dreams and fantasy, creativity and romance… but above all, it is about chaos. The Moon releases chaos into the world, and chaos gives birth to all of the things I just mentioned. But Reversed, the chaos of the Moon turns into much more malevolent things. Either A. the promised benefits of the Moon have become horrible (sick fantasies, unhealthy relationships, bad mental state); B. the chaotic energy of the Moon, both positive and negative, is somehow being rejected or locked outside while you yourself are inside, trying to be happy with your artificial calm; or C. the chaotic nature of things has completely overtaken your life, and you are powerless to stop it. Certainly, this kind of negative chaos would drive you to step back and try to get a grip on yourself and what everything means.

The third card is the outside influences affecting you and the situation, and it is represented by the Devil… Reversed. (You dodged a bullet there.) Upright, the Devil is all about terrible addictions that you could get out of, if you wanted to. You simply don’t want to. On the other hand, it can also have a more positive context of letting go of your restrictions and having a wild, awesome time at a party. Reversed, it can mean either A. you have chosen not to give in to your temptations, even if it seems like “no fun”, and stick to the straight and narrow to avoid the Devil; B. you are so fixated with avoiding the Devil that you will take no chances whatsoever, for fear of what happens if it goes wrong; or C. you have already been in the servitude of the Devil, but you will escape soon, if you haven’t already. I cannot offer much more than this interpretation-wise.

The fourth card is your own thoughts about the current situation, represented by our good Boss, the Stormcatcher – except he, too, is Reversed. Upright, and going by his more common name the Emperor, he promises order, prosperity, and solid foundations of a mighty empire… so long as everyone listens to him without question. Your feelings about the situation could manifest as any of the following: A. inconsistency and spur-of-the-moment decisions, based mainly off of emotion and irresponsible ruling, that tend to backfire in the long run; B. feeling as though you have no control over your situation, like an Emperor who no one pays attention to; or C. not only do you have no control over your situation, but no one else does either, because the Emperor is dead and no one is able to take his place. One way or another, you probably don’t feel like you are in control of your life right now.

And finally, the conclusion. Your outcome or future is represented by the Inventor, also known as the Magician – and thank the gods, he’s upright. The Magician is a character of great power, and he knows it; he can dazzle people with his great finesse, while also carrying through on all of his promises. He takes the power of the heavens (miracles and magic) and brings them down to Earth. In your future, you will probably become this Magician, who is seen by others to be great at everything; even if they are exaggerating that somewhat, you are still successful. Overall, it looks like your relationships should be fine; people will continue to like you, or perhaps come to like you if they don’t already.
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