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and since that's the ending you value the most

» ienzo
(kingdom hearts) ■■■□□
You know that is not how I do things.
— PSLs

» lea
(kingdom hearts) ■■■□□
No, I told you, my name's-- agh, whatever, Axel, fine.
— PSLs

» henry
(fire emblem: awakening) ■■■■■
Yay, blood!
— PSLs

» yu narukami
(persona 4) ■■■■□
I am FAR from empty!
— PSLs

» neptune vasilias
(rwby) ■■■□□
— PSLs

» elsa
(frozen) ■■□□□
Fuck it all, fuck it all! Don't give a shit anymore!
— PSLs

» data riku/"journal"
(kingdom hearts) ■■■□□
This world has been connected.
— PSLs

» equius zahhak
(red dead virgo; homestuck) ■■■■□
But she said to trust you, and so I will.
— PSLs

» nagito komaeda
(super dangan ronpa 2) ■■□□□
I just want to believe in hope, you know?
[community profile] thisavrou since July 2016

» lexaeus
(kingdom hearts) ■■□□□
There. Now you're on your last legs.
— PSLs

And the rest...

John Egbert | Homestuck | windykind

Feferi Peixes | Homestuck | fishcord

Kanaya Maryam | Homestuck | deathbylipstick

Dave Strider | Homestuck | insufferably

Beat | Jet Set Radio | skullphones

Morty | Pokémon | dusknoir

Red | Pokémon | ellipses

Mesprit | Pokémon | lakevehemence

Cyrus | Pokémon | technical

Hime Shirayuki | HaCha Precure | crownedcure

Neku Sakuraba | The World Ends With You | forcerounds

Sanae HAnekoma | The World Ends With You | mista

Shiki Misaki | The World Ends With You | loosebuttons

Ayumi Narukami | Persona 4 (AU) | thefoolspath

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi | Medaka Box | generalaffairs

Shirou Iori | Kill la Kill | taillier

Malcolm Reynolds | Firefly | captaindummy

Naoto Shirogane | Persona 4 | firstprinciples

Àlmos Bokori | Original character | fixedeverything

Lilia Blainesworth | Foxfire (original character) | magicgun

Yanai | After the Fall (original character) | praiseyveltal

Ienzo (age seven) | Kingdom Hearts | sawtoomuch

Lalli Hotakainen | Stand Still, Stay Silent | soloactor

moonphase - burnedmybread - bzweeep - nothymeforyourbullshit - spiritneedles - dubiousdisc - skullhat - soporwitch - drinkingwithportals
code by barbarycoast

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